Frequently asked questions

  • Appeals should be sent to us, in writing, within 28 days of receiving your Parking Charge Notice. The address to send your appeal to is printed on the Parking Charge Notice. You can also appeal online by clicking here.

    We will respond to your appeal within 14 days of receiving it.

    If at first we only acknowledge the challenge, we will write to you again within 35 days accepting or rejecting your appeal.

    If we reject your appeal we will send you the details of Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) – the Independent Appeals Service.

    If you use the POPLA Service, and your Appeal is unsuccessful, the full Parking Charge will apply and you will not be able to pay at the reduced rate.

  • The appeals department will consider each appeal on their own merits and write back to advise you of the outcome.

  • The appeals department does accept appeals online. Please access:

  • Your blue badge does not entitle you to any parking privileges on private property. We would refer you to your blue badge handbook for more information.

  • The charge falls within the British Parking Association’s recommended guidelines for car park enforcement.

  • The DVLA has informed us that you were the keeper of this vehicle at the date of the incident.

    If you were not the Keeper at that date, please obtain evidence of this from the DVLA and forward it to us.

  • Your file has been passed over as part of our debt recovery process, as a result of the non-payment of this PCN.

  • We rarely place tickets onto the windscreen of cars.

    Most of our car parks are managed by ANPR cameras and then the ticket is then sent to you via the post.

  • Tickets that are issued on private land are not required to be placed on the vehicle windscreen.

    The Road Traffic Act only requires statutory authorities to issue tickets on the vehicle windscreen.

  • Your details were obtained from the DVLA.